Our Vision

The Vision of Corpus Christi Theological Seminary is to equip and train

up the Body of Christ to thrust out and fulfill the call of God on their lives.



CCTS is accredited though ACI - the worlds largest non-governmental

accrediting body. ACI has a membership of over 300 schools, colleges, univeristies and theological seminaries in 39 United States and 8 countries of the world.

Scholarships are available!!

Audit Classes are Available.

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The School of Undergraduate Studies:

Undergraduate Major:


Associate of Arts Degree                                      Credit Hours

(Biblical Studies and Theology)                                   60 Credit Hours


Bachelor of Arts Degree                                       Credit Hours

(Biblical Studies and Theology)                                   60 Credit Hours



The School of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies:

Graduate Majors:

Master of Arts Degree                                           Credit Hours

Biblical Studies and Theology(M.B.S.T.)                   60 Credit Hours


Clinical Pastoral Counseling (M.A.C.P.C.)                60 Credit Hours


Pastoral Care and Ministry (M.A.P.C.M.)                 60 Credit Hours


Missions (M.A.Mis.)                                                      78 Credit Hours



Postgraduate Majors:

Doctor Degree                                                        Credit Hours

Missions (D. Mis.)                                                        78 Credit Hours


Biblical Studies and Theology (Th.D.)                     78 Credit Hours

Ministry (D.Min.)                                                         78 Credit Hours

Doctor of Philosophy Degree                           Credit Hours

Clinical Pastoral Counseling                                      90 Credit Hours