About Doctor Freddy Naranjo

Doctor Freddy Naranjo received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1978. And in 1983 the Holy Spirit called him and anointed him to establish Tabernacle of Praise Church. After setting a foundation for the ministry and raising and training men and women for ministry, the Holy Spirit directed Pastor to open up a Bible School to train men and women. After several years of teaching Bible School, Corpus Christi Theological Seminary was established; offering Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates Degrees. Pastor Naranjo holds a Bachelor in Theology, Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling, Doctorate of Ministry and a Doctorate in Philosophy. Pastor Freddy’s passion is to reach the lost, to help raise men and women into maturity of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a loving and devoted husband, father to four daughter, grandfather to seven grandchildren, as well as a Spiritual Father to his congregants whom he loves to Pastor.

About Doctor Sylvia Naranjo

Doctor Sylvia Naranjo is the wife of Doctor Freddy Naranjo, Pastor of Tabernacle of Praise Church in Corpus Christi, Texas. They have pastored together for 25 years. She is the founder of Victorious Women in Christ. Pastor Sylvia holds a Doctorate of Ministry and a Doctorate of Philosphy degrees from the Minnesota School of Theology. Pastor Sylvia has been blessed with four beautiful daughters and seven grandchildren. Like our Lord Jesus Christ, she has a heart for God’s people. She is devoted in helping people discover the reality of God’s Word with no compromise. Dynamically anointed with gifts of preaching and teaching, she challenges believers to thrust forward into areas in God where they have never been. Through her ministry of the word, you will learn that God wants to plant a seed in you. God has something better for you. Pastor Sylvia is a living example that with God, the impossible becomes the possible.

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